Eat out at One of the Best Restaurants on Tioman Island

Pulau Tioman or Tioman Island is an ideal vacation destination for many tourists, across the globe. Their recommendations have urged many to visit this beautiful place at least once. The island has so much to offer its visitors apart from its natural beauty. People indulge here in different activities, which are accessible on various attractions of the island.

But, apart from the beauty and etc. how is it possible to remain empty stomach or just have some egg sandwich in all meals? Vacation doesn’t mean that you are on a diet; obviously you need proper meal, so that you can keep yourself energized for the adventure. You shall for surely find some great restaurants of Tioman Island easily offer delicious food to its guests.

Top Notch Restaurants on Tioman Island

The Island of Tioman is simultaneously popular for being present the best delivery of culinary items in an enchanting peaceful decorum of several restaurants built therein. Therefore, there are plenty of International and local culinary eatables offered by numerous restaurants that are easily located serving their customers on affordable rates in the vicinity of Pulau Tioman.

Following are the best restaurants on Tioman Island that are enormously renowned for its scrumptious eatables that must be enjoyed with great enthusiasm.

ABCD Restaurant

The specialty of ABCD restaurant is to serve freshly cooked barbecued food items to its visitors; reaching the restaurant from across the globe. This Tioman Island restaurant has much to offer i.e. abundance of Malaysian style barbecued meals on extremely affordable rates around twenty Ringgits approximately.

The main items being served here are a variety of seafood products that are viz; fish, prawn or else squid and the chicken is also available with a flavored beer for those who wants to try the dish which is seemingly less enthusiastic.

Hijau Restaurant

Hijau Restaurant is one of the renowned restaurants of Tioman Island, famous for serving pure Indian style food items, Seafood & Chinese food. For instance, the most popular eateries being presented here are namely; potatoes and cauliflower can be purchased around ten Ringgits only, freshly baked prawns cost around twenty-six Ringgits respectively and the must try Chinese eateries are also served at affordable rates.

Therefore, the major portion of food items being available here is mainly presented with an Indian touch because most of the dishes cooked are all vegetables and only a few of the special seafood items are offered at this restaurant.

Address: Nazri’s Place 2, Kampung Air Batang, 86800 Pulau Tioman, Pahang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 9-419 1375
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Santai Bistro

Santai Bistro is mainly a bar and a restaurant as well, located in Tioman Island. It is thus popular in delivering delicious meals and distinct taste of beers. The location of this restaurant is found very close to the jetty and the environment here is surrounded with an ideal music of classic rock that relatively showers a mesmerizing effect on its visitors. Whereas, the delicious eatables are also being served here that are simultaneously delivered with an optimum taste embedded by purely Malaysian touch.

Its special food items are salad bowl i.e. a merger of fresh vegetables, a Malay cuisine; Tom Yum, delicious dish of Sambal prawns and much more. You can visit their FB page for more information.

Riverside Café

Riverside Café is another café like restaurant situated in the Island of Pulau Tioman that is relatively famous for delivering Malay as well Thai style food items. Its major specialty is to offer Omelettes, burgers, Kampung noodles and Tom Yum. Therefore, the dishes offered here are extremely on low rates and we can easily reach this restaurant nearby jetty.

Delima Restaurant

There are two Delima restaurants in Tioman Island. The foremost one can be traced in the village of Tekek as well as the second restaurant is located along the path which is at the top most point of Berjaya Resort. The environment of this restaurant is said to be cordial with the tempting scene of water flows.

The above discussed restaurants of Tioman Island are considered the best in town. They deliver quality services along with delicious finger licking food to their guests. So, you don’t need to worry where to eat out on your trip to Tioman Island.

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