Ferry Ride to Tioman Island Malaysia

Two Routes for a Ferry Ride to Tioman Island

Tioman Island, located near Malaysia is an attractive tourist spot that is specifically known for its sunny weather, crystal water and great water activities. Around the summers the Island gains a lot of tourists from the western side of the world because of the moderate climate that serves as relaxing. A ferry ride to Tioman Island is a preferred way to reach this dream destination in Malaysia.

Ferry Ride to Tioman Island

There are many ways through which Tioman Island can be reached. Air travel is currently not possible as the only operator (Berjaya Air) flying to Tioman has suspended flight operation to the Island. The only possible and preferred way to get to Tioman Island is to take a ferry ride to the Island. The ferry ride to Tioman is more economical and it also gives you a nice view of surroundings while making your way to the ultimate destination. You can also now book your ferry ticket online and get an instant confirmation of your trip.

Enjoy Nature through a Ferry Ride

Ferry rides or speed ferry is the cheapest and most common way to get to the Tioman Island. The boat rides are usually 1.5 to 2 hours long, but with the splendid view nature has to offer along the way, usually the time passes away quickly.

There are two spots to catch a ferry ride to Tioman Island. The locations from where you can get a ferry to Tioman are discussed below.

First Option: Mersing to Tioman Island

Mersing is a small town located near Tioman Island and is the central spot where you can easily get a ferry ride to Tioman Island. The approximate time of the ferry ride is usually around 2 hours, but can be less if the drivers are fast enough and the water currents are calm. You can get to Mersing from Singapore by bus. If you’re traveling to Mersing from Kuala Lumpur (KL) then you can read more about how to get to Tioman Island from KL.

The prices for a ferry ride to Tioman Island are cheap and affordable. There are at least three and mostly two rounds from and to Tioman Island. During the rush season when plenty of tourists are visiting the island , the ferry can make up to four trips to Tioman. Blue Water Ferry provides a reliable service to and from Mersing to Tioman Island.

The tickets, however are a big issue and if you plan on going to Tioman Island, then just buy or book an online ticket ahead of time because during rush hours it is nearly impossible to land a ticket. The ticket price may range from RM 25 to RM 35 (Malaysian Ringgit) and which solely depends on the timing of the ferry and the passengers. Early morning (7am to 8am) and evening (4pm to 6pm) is rush hours when the passenger toll is high and tickets are usually sold at higher prices.

Book your Ferry Ticket Online

The schedule of the ferry usually depends on water level and the passengers going to Tioman Island. The water levels usually allow the movement of ferry service in Tioman Island and if the water currents are high you can expect a delay in getting to the Island.

There is a big chance that even if you are on time there will be a delay in the ferry service so it is advised that any activity you have planned in Tioman Island is scheduled around a delay of 1-2 hours. Tourist input is high and mostly it is recommended that from Mersing, you book the ferry ticket a day ahead, otherwise the on the spot ticket might be more costly and at times you may fail to find a seat.

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The main issues subjected to any delays in the Ferry service are mostly sea level and weather oriented. In the monsoon you can expect a lot of delays because of the lower and upper tides that can cause turbulence during travel. There are times when the boat services halt for a day or two during the monsoon season because of water current levels. In case of any delays, you can also spend a night in the Mersing hotels and catch an early morning ferry to Tioman Island.

Book your Ferry Ticket Online

Other than that Ferry rides are common to Tioman Island and currently the only way to get to the Island as well, so the ferry schedules are packed and there are a lot of people on board so you may need to keep in mind the rush. The usual rate for a ferry ride to Tioman Island is less than RM 15 (US$5) but not more than that. Ferry rides are comfortable and you can enjoy the scenic view of the waters on the 45 minute long journey.

Second Option: Tanjung Gemuk to Tioman Island

Tanjung Gemuk is located nearly about half an hour from north of Mersing and is the second best place to get a ferry to Tioman.

The ferry rides that leave from Tanjung Gemuk to Tioman are usually closed during the monsoon season due to high water currents so it is impossible to score a ride during monsoon, other months it is open and offers ferry rides to and from Tioman.

The downside of Gemuk is that it is closer to Kuala Lumpur and increases the distance to Tioman Island so you can expect the ferry service to get you to Tioman Island in about 3 hours.

If however you are planning a trip from Singapore to Tioman Island, then this is the best option available. The ticket price ranges from RM30 to RM40 because of the long distance. The ferry rides are fast and comfortable with good air conditioning so you would reach the Island safe and sound.

The tickets can be booked online and are available on spot as well, but then again it is advised to have them booked early because the passenger strength is never known. Ferry through Gemuk are usually two per day and increase during peak season.

The general advice is to be an hour ahead of the schedule to accommodate any delays. You need to be punctual as well as the ferry departs strictly on time.

The ferry ride to Tioman island is certainly a journey full of adventure. We would love to hear your story of getting to the island. Please leave comments below & share your adventure with us.

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