Best Beaches in Tioman Island Malaysia

Finding the Best Beach in Tioman Island – Tioman Beaches

When in Malaysia beaches are a place which come under the must explore radar and attract not only those who love the sea, but also those with a love for adventure and serene environment. Tioman Island is just the right sort of place that has nature, the serene atmosphere, best beaches, as well as great quality food all packed in one bundle. Many tourists are attracted to the area, particularly because of the soothing effect of the air on the general human aura. The calm water, wind and sun combination is just the perfect thing you need for your perfect getaway.

Best Beach in Tioman

Talking about beaches and serenity, there is a wide variety of beaches in Tioman that tourists can explore and enjoy. The picturesque view and clear water of these beaches also provide snorkeling opportunities for tourists in Tioman. Let us look at some of the best beach in Tioman that not only offer a good quality time but are not that heavy on the pocket as well.

Paya Beach Tioman

The first beach that is a definite checkout is Paya Beach in Tioman Island. The sand covered area is best for sunbathing and particularly relaxing after a long day exploring the small town and shopping. The magical atmosphere is soothing and refreshing, just the kind you need. There are many spas and diving resorts located right near the beach, so if you are in the mood to get a massage or dive deep within then waters and explore the sea life, it has to offer, then this is the best beach in Tioman Island for you to hang around and spend a day at with your family and beloveds on this magical getaway.

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Salang Beach Tioman

This is another great beach in Tioman Island, offering a wide range of activities to have you busy throughout the day. Salang beach is where tourists can find a lot of Chinese and western cuisine so it is a great place for all those wanting to try something new with their taste buds. Not to mention, all the foodies should definitely check this place out since not only does it have good food to offer, but hospitable locals that are willing to show you around the beach. It offers a great sunset view with low tides hitting the shore and what makes it more adoring is the fact that the beach offers a wide range of sea life and you can possibly catch yourself exploring weird water life.

Juara Beach Tioman

There are always some tourists that love to enjoy peace and nature in the quiet atmosphere and take in all the vital things that nature has to offer. Juara beach Tioman is the right place for the job. Juara beach is one of the best beach in Pulau Tioman, which not only gives you best water activities such as snorkeling and swimming, but also peace of mind and tranquility of the soul. The beach is all what Malaysia in all its quiet glory has to offer, with a peaceful environment just where you can sunbathe and relax.

There are a lot of restaurants at Juara beach, that offer good quality food but also for the nature lovers nearby is a turtle sanctuary where you can go an enjoy the little sea life in a peaceful environment without the hindrance of noise or other people.

Monkey Beach Tioman

Monkey beach in Pulau Tiomoan is highly popular among tourists who want to get a taste of marine life from snorkeling to delicious food on the bay side. There are various tourists attractions in the Monkey beach, which make it one of the highly recommended & must-visit beach on Tioman Island. The beautiful beach is calm, relaxing and offers a wide range of activities in Tioman that tourists can indulge in and get the best out of the island.

Melina Beach Tioman

This comes under the category of neither good nor bad. Melina beach in Pulau Tioman is still establishing its reputation as a good spot for tourists and the local population to relax and enjoy. Nearby the beach is a rainforest that adds more diverse wildlife and more charm to the area since, it is untouched and nature in the place is plenty.

Tourists whose basic aim is to explore every sort of land and look through the diversity of life it has to offer, then Melina beach is a good place in Tioman Island which gives you a taste of everything that you seek in the wilderness of Malaysia. There is a Marine Park Center located nearby as well where tourists can go and look at the wildlife the waters of the area have to offer, not to mention a soul lifting sunset awaits whoever visits the inner realms of the Melina Beach in Tioman.

Which of the listed beaches you had visited? Share your experience of the best beach in Tioman Island by adding comments below. If you’re traveling in Malaysia and want to know beaches in various destinations, we have listed down some of the recommended beaches for you:

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