islands to explore near Tioman

Islands to Explore near Pulau Tioman for Diving & Snorkeling

Pulau Tioman is a tropical island in Malaysia, famous for being the best diving destination for the tourists. Pulau Tioman is definitely an exquisite tourist destination, where you can find the richness of marine life. Tioman Island is filled with natural beauty which includes beaches, rivers, streams, tropical forests, and villages.

Islands nearby Pulau Tioman

Most tourists visit Tioman Island to enjoy diving as the island is surrounded by coral reefs. Other islands that are suitable for exploring near Tioman Island are Pulau Tulai, Pulau Labas, Pulau Chebeh, Pulau Rawa, Pulau Tinggi, Seri Buat, Renggis, Sembilan, and Sibu. Tioman and other neighboring islands are coming under the state of Pahang jurisdiction.

Below are some of the islands which can be found nearby Pulau Tioman.

Tulai Island

Tulai Island or Coral Island is in close proximity to Tioman Islands. Tour operators offer boat services on a daily basis to this beautiful island. If you take the service of speed boats that begin the voyage from the Salang village of Tioman, then you will reach Tulai within 30 minutes. The boat services are also departing from Air Batang and Tekek, but the voyage will take more time than the departure from Salang village. Tulai island is best suitable for snorkeling.

Seri Buat Island

Seri Buat Island is near to Tioman Islands, which is an archipelago consists of 64 islands. This group of islands is best suitable for diving and snorkeling. You can reach this archipelago by taking a ferry service from Mersing Jetty. Sembilan is one the islands of the archipelago.

Labas Island

Labas Island is near to Tioman Islands and the island consists of huge rocks with several tunnels that allow the tourists to swim in the tunnels. You can find several caves and caverns in these rocks to swim. The island is famous for scuba diving. You can take speed boats to reach this island. To go to Labas Island, you have to take a boat ride of 40 minutes from the Salang Village.

Sibu Island

Pulau Sibu is the part of a small island group, which consist of a fishing village inhabited with less number of people. This island is included in the Johor Marine Park just like Tioman Islands. The place is popular for scuba diving and jungle trekking. To reach this tourist destination, you have to take a ferry service from Tanjung Leman Jetty.

Renggis Island

Pulau Renggis is a picturesque island located near the west coast of Tioman Islands. Renggis Island is a palm-fringed island with white sandy beaches. This island is popular as a snorkeling destination as the sea is filled with coral reefs and a variety of marine life. Tourists can enjoy hiking through the rainforest on the island. This island is situated at a short distance from Tekek Village and Lalang Beach. You can enjoy a boat ride from Tioman to reach Renggis Island. Different types of boat trips are available to enjoy the island such as full day snorkel trip, half day snorkeling trip and around the island trip.

Chebeh Island

Chebeh Island is a rocky island with dense growth of trees and also coral reefs. It is situated towards the northwest of Tioman Island. You can take dive boats from the village of Salang and the journey time is around 30 minutes. You can also go from Air Batang or Tekek to reach Chebeh Island. Enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling here.

Rawa Island

Rawa Island is a charming coral island with sandy beaches and palm trees. You can take a ferry service from Mersing Jetty to reach this beautiful place. From Mersing Jetty, it will take approximately one hour by ordinary boat and 30 minutes by sailing in a speed boat. From Pulau Tioman, you can take a boat from Tekek jetty. Some of the activities that can be enjoyed at Rawa Island include snorkeling, canoeing, hammock swinging, moonlight swimming, beach bumming, diving, fishing, and wind surfing.

Tinggi Island

Pulau Tinggi is an island filled with greenery. The presence of Mount Semundu makes the island unique from others. In this island, you can enjoy jungle hiking and diving in this tourist destination. Take a ferry from Tanjung Leman Jetty to reach this island.

Tioman Island itself offers a lot of water sport activities to the tourists. If you are on a longer trip than perhaps you can also visit islands nearby Tioman which we have discussed in this post. If you have been to a island nearby Tioman which is not listed here then share your experience by adding comments below.

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