Japamala Resort Tioman Island Malaysia

Japamala Resort Tioman – An Ultimate Vacation Destination

Japamala Resort Tioman has its name derived from the beads used for prayers in mantra meditation, which is a symbol of peace and serenity. It is situated on the Southern Coast of Tioman Island. Covering a total area of 11 acres, this lush wilderness with its breathtaking private beach, evokes a sense of being cut off from the rest of the world and retreat in this perfect, soothing and much needed seclusion.

Overview of the Japamala Resort Tioman

Japamala Resort Tioman is an ideal place for all those who are seeking peace from the noise of the busy chaotic world. Its beautiful and serene ambiance certainly makes it an ultimate destination for vacation. Read on to know more about it:

Interior & Exterior of Japamala Resort

What seems like the nests are the wooden houses, beach side villas and the sarangs on the hills emerging from the boonies. Sarangs are the rooms in Malay, therefore Japamala calls them the Sarang. These are built and designed so as to preserve the beauty of this Tioman Island and its natural landscape. Hence, the designers have made sure that each room has its own unique layout and construction.

Features & Facilities

Japamala Resort Tioman rustic yet luxury inspired design depicts the concept of Japamala in preserving the nature in the best possible way. Although, very artistically placed, these sarangs are very convenient. Each comes with its private pools and sun decks that are wooden. The beach side villa is a two-story affair, fully equipped with extra rooms, kitchen and a terrace with full-fledged tanning beds.

Moreover, each Sarang is fully equipped with all the essential facilities like air conditioning, Wi-Fi connections, DVD players, A Television with a cable connection, kitchens with Espresso machine, mini bars and iPod Docks. So, even if you decide to stay indoors, you will have plenty of activities to indulge in, or have a great way of spending your time.

Nonetheless, even though the Villas and Sarangs are provided with the internet Wi-Fi connections, outside you will not miss the connections, the resort based on 11 acres of land has some great attractions to offer. From its natural aesthetics and beautiful landscapes, this is more like a safe jungle place. The Treetop chalets offer great views of the island from the top and a chance to treat your eyes with the beautiful South China Sea.

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With open-air baths and swimming pools to wooden texture and designs of the rooms, this could be a great spot for a honeymoon. Japamala Resort Tioman has all kinds of accommodations to offer, from a simple Sarang to a grand villa on the beach side.


Many would prefer to cook for themselves while on a holiday, and for them the Japamala resort has two beautiful restaurants. While the Tamarind is situated in the jungle, the Mandi-Mandi is constructed on top of the water. Their menu has almost all to offer.


Japamala Resort also has a spa on the cliff side for those who wish to revitalize their soul and body. You can avail some of the best herbal treatments from the experts. The spa at Japamala Resort is also one of the recommended spa in Tioman Island.

How to Reach

Tioman Island is not so developed, so getting in a sea taxi is the most used means of getting to the Island. Japamala resort has its own boat service. This is also available for rent on an hourly basis, every day.

You need to Check in at 2:00 pm and Check out at 12:00pm

Japamala Resort Tioman offers an opportunity to experience a nature-inspired living in an eco-Lux style. The Japamala resort has been set up using the advantage of its beautiful natural surroundings and aesthetics to offer a heavenly feeling of your stay in this simple lavish and comfortable resort which ensures your comfort and relaxation on every level.

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