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Mersing Airport – Gateway to Tioman & Other Islands

Mersing is a gateway to Tioman and other Malaysian islands. It remains crowded for the most time of the year. People pour into this destination from every part of the world as this leads to some of the most amazing islands in Malaysia. Although, people reach Mersing mainly by bus or ferries, but despite being a small town, Mersing has an airport by itself by the name of Mersing Airport.

Mersing Airport

Mersing Airport is located in near the sea shore. It is not a full-fledged airport with various terminals and runways. Rather, it is an airstrip which is very close to the sea. The length of the runway is also only 1200 feet, which is not suitable for airbuses and airplanes. Mersing Airport is mainly used for skydiving purposes. It fulfills tourists’ desires of sky diving. None of the big airlines land their planes at the airport, including Malaysia Airlines and Berjaya Airlines.

Other Nearer Airports to Mersing Airport

There are other airports that are close to Mersing and Mersing airport. The nearest airport is Tioman Airport that is only 35miles away. You can reach Tioman Airport by ferry from Mersing. The other closest airports are:

  • Sultan Ismail International Airport – (54.32 Miles)
  • Sungei Tekai Airport – (64.29 Miles)
  • Kuantan Airport – (102.25 Miles)
  • Kuantan Port Airport – (109.63 Miles)
  • Batu Berendam Airport – (109.88 Miles)

Hotels near Mersing Airport

If you are in Mersing and have to reach the airport to catch your flights on time, then you should be staying at the hotels nearer to the airport. The closest hotels to the Mersing airport are:

  • Timotel Hotel: It is only 0.08 miles from the Airport.
  • Hotel Riverside: It is only 0.23 Miles from the Airport
  • Embassy Hotel: It is only 0.28 Miles from the Airport
  • Sweet Hotel: It is only 2.07 Miles from the Airport
  • Mersing Beach Resort: 5.71 Miles from the Airport
  • D’Coconut Island Resort: 9.94 Miles from the Airport

For more information on the accommodation in Mersing, you can checkout Best Mersing Hotels. If you would like to share your experience with the Mersing Airport, please do so by adding comments below.

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