Mersing Jetty - Gateway to Tioman Island in Malaysia

Mersing Jetty – Gateway to Tioman Island in Malaysia

Small fishing village, Mersing is a stopover for those traveling to the islands of Tioman, Rawa or Besar and for those wishing to explore the national park Endau Rompin. Being the main gateway to the Tioman Island, most of the travelers prefer taking the ferry from the Mersing to Pulau Tioman. Read on to know the Mersing jetty ferry schedule, procedure, and other necessary information for your trip from Mersing to Tioman.

Mersing Jetty

In Mersing Jetty, you go to the ferry ticket counter of the Blue Water Ferry Express. You have to set the schedule and time travel well, because chances are when you get there and want to buy tickets, ferry tickets possibility has been exhausted and you had to wait a long time and a waste of time. Ferry schedule depends on the tides. A trip to Tioman is about 2 hours from Mersing Jetty & you can book your ferry ticket online as well.

Mersing Jetty Ferry Schedule

The ferries depart from Mersing jetty at 6am and 4 pm and they return at 5am or 6am. It takes around 1.5 to two hours to reach the Tioman Island.

However, the ferry schedule at jetty may get affected by tidal issue and may cause problems for the visitors to Tioman Island. During the severe weather like strong December to February monsoon winds or shot-duration squalls, the ferry companies might need to postpone the service or they may also cancel the trip. These decisions are taken for the passengers’ safety. It is thus recommended for tourists to get to know the best time to visit Pulau Tioman to make most out of their trip to Island.

Ferry Stops

The ferry stops at a few stops as follows:

  • Genting
  • Kampung Paya
  • Achtung village
  • Kampung Air Batang
  • Panuba Jetty
  • Kampung Salang

At stops where you need to stop depending on where you want to go / stay. If you are not sure – ask only for the ferry crew.

Bluewater Express Mersing Jetty

Bluewater Express offers the easiest and affordable ferry service to and from Mersing-Tioman. They offer online booking and the booking at the counter as well. Their ride also takes 1.5 hours to 2 hour either one direction. They have several pickups/stops along the island, i.e. Genting, Paya, Tekek, ABC, Panuba & Salang Jetti. The passengers are advised to reach the Mersing ferry terminal an hour in advance of their departure schedule. You can spend your time in a small tuc shop with snacks and cold drinks. “The Port” is a nice restaurant at the entrance. You may also browse through tourist oriented shops there.

If you are opting or online booking, then you have to fill a brief form. The Bluewater Express will send you the schedule after receiving payment. If your dates are far ahead than their published schedule, they will hold the booking and will contact you as soon as the schedule is released. You will collect the paid tickets counter Mersing Jetty Johor Counter 8 Bluewater Express before an hour of the scheduled time.

You can also book your ferry ticket online now & get an instant confirmation of your trip.

If you arrive Mersing late in the evening then you might not be able to catch a ferry to Tioman Island as there are no ferries traveling to Tioman at night. You can stay at one of the hotels in Mersing and catch a morning ferry.

The most common way to get to the sunny isle of Tioman is by speed-ferry from Mersing Jetty. Beat the crowds by reserving your ferry tickets online, safely and securely and enjoy peace of mind that you’ve got your ferry seats fully booked for your Tioman holiday.

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