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Singapore to Mersing by Bus Travel Guide & Tips

Mersing is a seaside town in Malaysia and the only way to reach the island of Pulau Tioman. Pulau Tioman is an island where you can find world class diving beaches. The crystal-clear blue waters and endless sand beaches are luring thousands of tourists to this beautiful island destination.

Singapore to Mersing

To reach Pulau Tioman from Singapore, you have to travel to Mersing. From Mersing jetty, you have to take a ferry to reach the beautiful island of Pulau Tioman. Various options such as taxi, bus, flight, and coach services are available to travel from Singapore to Mersing. However, the cheapest and easiest option is to travel by bus.

If you are taking a flight from Singapore, you can go to Tioman directly without any stops. Flight is the most expensive option to travel as it costs about 250 – 300 Singapore dollar per person. Only Berjaya Air is offering direct flights from Singapore to Tioman and vice versa. Daily flights are available at 12pm, 1.25pm and 3.05 pm respectively to Tioman from Singapore. The average flight time to reach Tioman from Singapore is 40 minutes.

Berjaya Air has recently suspended all flight operations to Tioman Island. The only option left for tourist at the moment is to take a bus, taxi or cab from Singapore to Mersing. If are you traveling to Tioman Island using these options, you can reach Pulau Tioman only by taking two types of transportation. To travel from Singapore to Mersing, you have to take taxi, bus or coach service. Then, you have to take a ferry from Mersing to reach Tioman.

Traveling by Car or Taxi from Singapore to Mersing

Singapore is one of the countries where you can enter or leave the country by taxi. Since ordinary taxis cannot enter Malaysia, Singaporean taxis with special license that have permission to enter Malaysia can only go to Larkin Taxi & the Bus Terminal. The taxi service directly from Singapore Taxi Terminal at Queen Street to Larkin Taxi Terminal in Johor Bahru will cost you 12SGD per person or 48SGD per taxi. You have to pay RM180 from Johor Bahru to Mersing.

Long distance traveling across the borders and between states requires at least 3 hours of advance reservation. Singapore to Malaysia cross border limousine taxis are also available at a higher price. You can also take rental cars from any of the major cities and town in Malaysia to Mersing.

Traveling by Bus or Coaches from Singapore to Mersing

Some of the bus companies like Transnasional, The One Travel, Maju Express, and WTS are operating direct services from Singapore to Mersing. The coaches of One Travel and WTS terminate their services at Mersing Jetty, while Maju Express and Transnasional buses terminate their services at the Mersing bus terminal. The travelers have to walk about 10 minutes from Mersing bus terminal to Mersing Jetty.

The scheduled bus timings of The One Travel and WTS begin from 6.30am as they have to reach Mersing Jetty before 11am because the ferry leaves Mersing Jetty at 11am to the Tioman Island. The journey time for the buses from Singapore to Mersing is around 3 to 4 hours based on the traffic jam. The bus fare to Mersing Jetty from Singapore is approximately 35 SGD.

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Maju Express and Transnasional bus services offer night services that start from Singapore at 10pm. Travelers will arrive at the Mersing bus terminal at around 1am. The tourists have to stay at one of the hotels in Mersing for one night, so that they can take the early morning ferry to Tioman Island. These two bus companies are offering services that help the passengers to catch the ferry without any delay or worries about traffic jams. The major drawback of midnight services is that the tourists have to stay at any of the Mersing hotels for one night.

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