Juara Beach Tioman Island Malaysia

Spend a Fun Day on Juara Beach Tioman Island

Tioman Island is one of the main tourist destinations in Malaysia as it features sandy beaches, clear blue water ideal for snorkeling & diving, resorts & getting close to the nature. The Island is easily accessible from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. There are many beaches in Tioman Island that attracts tourists to experience fun water activities like snorkeling, swimming & diving. The Juara Beach in Tioman Island is certainly one of the best of the lot.

Juara Beach Tioman Island

Juara Beach is the most tempting beach to discover by its visitors as situated on a broader space of Tioman Island specifically. It is mainly found on the eastern shore and it is the only calm beach named as Juara Beach Tioman Island of Malaysian peninsular.

This beach is famous for its uniqueness i.e. the surroundings of the beach is covered with dense green forest on a pure white sand with crystal clear water of the beach that enormously depicts the calm identity of the beach which simultaneously makes it unique from other beaches of Tioman Island. Thus, the beach is perfect for snorkeling in Pulau Tioman. The inbuilt attributes of this beach are termed as an amazing time spending spot with a romanticized nature itself for spending our leisure time in an environment filled tranquility and peace.

Entrance to Juara Beach

To reach the destination of Juara Beach Tioman Island, firstly it was mostly traced by a sea-taxi and also through the pathways of the jungle as well, but now another way to Juara beach is also constructed that is an invention of a new road is also seen which was foremost built as a dried river bed but now it is a proper roadway made of concrete material used in the road formation.

Safety measures for travelling to Juara Beach

Always use cars for travelling to Juara Beach; most peaceful beach of Tioman Island, Malaysia. As on the way to the Juara beach in its way we explore its natural beauty which is mostly equipped with stones and ditches at large. That is why it is strictly notified not to take other vehicles for the journey associated with the discovery of the Juara beach in order to avoid any serious injury because huge stones in a way might cause a big accident to happen if rode by motorbike-taxis.

Explore the journey to Juara Beach

It is one of the beautiful and peaceful spot to explore which is purely better to gain a mental health as its unique offer for its visitors. It can be explored deeply covering all the nook and corners on the way to Juara Beach if we travel on foot from Tekek town taking approximately 3 hours to reach the particular destiny.

By car it takes forty minutes to travel from Tekek to the destination spot of Juara beach with a taxi fare of 100 Ringgits for four passengers and 70 Ringgits for 2 persons respectively. For instance, if taken the journey on foot from Tekek we will come across many tempting and nature scenes that are vivacious Cascade waterfalls, animals like monkeys and lizards are also seen at enormous length if we plan to stay here at one of the guest houses of Juara beach, there are beautiful and lively plants as well as flowers also seen on the journey to Juara Beach.

Apart from the beautiful and attractive journey to Juara Beach Tioman Island its innumerable facilities mesmerize its tourists with the pleasure of enjoying the scenery of real fruit trees like papaya, banana and mango trees in bulk, diving in swimming pools, availability of snorkeling, Canoeing, Turtle Sanctuary, Mini Mart, Restaurants, Resorts and Chalets are also available for rent here at the Juara beach of Tioman Island, Malaysia.

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