Tekek Village Tioman Island Malaysia

Tekek Tioman – The Capital Village of Tioman Island

Tekek Tioman is the capital of Pulau Tioman or more like the capital village of Tioman Island. It is located on the western shore of Tioman and is urbanized as compared to other villages on the island.

Getting to Tekek Tioman

Tekek is located on the main shore and is easily accessible by boat or ferry ride from Mersing. It is right on the out shore and is the only main point to exit the island or enter the island. Due to its central location, there is no trouble finding it.

Tekek Tioman is away from the shore so there is no hassle of the sea to disrupt the harmony in the village. The only airstrip that is in use by Berjaya airlines is near Tekek village as well. It houses airline as well as water transport in and out the island.

Tekek village in Tioman can be reached by a ferry caught from Mersing or through a direct plane ride.

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Things to do in Tekek

The recommended things to do in the Tekek village in Tioman Island are listed below.

Snorkel and Dive at Tekek

There are a lot of things that you can do in Tekek Tioman that makes it a very interesting place and one of the must visit when in Tioman.

The place is very commercialized and offers great snorkeling and diving packages. Tekek being the main village in Tioman has many diving centers. The corals are amazing to snorkel in and get a deeper look at the sea life. Diving rates are usually RM 90 and extra gear is charged accordingly.

Swimming and enjoying the beach are two things which tourists love to do in Tioman. Tekek has amazing warm water and sun shines all day long providing you the perfect environment to calm your nerves.

Swimming is feasible during low tides, but is mainly restricted to the resort swimming pool for safety purposes.

Shop and Eat at Tekek

Another thing you can do at Tekek is shop and collect gifts for friends and family back home. The shops offer cheap rates and because of the airport nearby there are duty free shops located as well.

Beers, alcoholic beverages and wine can be bought at exceptionally cheap prices. Duty free shops make it easier for you to collect things and cherish forever. There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a view of the sunset and sipping on a good cocktail.

Tekek Tioman also has many restaurants that serve Malay and Chinese food. There are a lot of eating opportunities and from western style dishes to Chinese, everything is available at walking distance.

The Malay and Chinese food areas are run by locals or immigrants and provide the taste of Asia. There are many restaurants located in near the airport as well.

Jungle trekking in Tekek

The Island of Tioman is still under the covers of heavy vines and trees. The jungle covers more than half the area of Tioman and is a wonderful source of enjoyment for tourists with a taste for adventure.

Tekek-Juara jungle trek is one such walk that tests your stamina and gives you an adrenaline rush. The 7 km long island walk can take about 2 hours. Be sure to wear proper shoes and not go trekking in your flip flops. Jungle guides can see along the way and local people can guide your course in Tekek Tioman as well.

Golfing at Tekek

Just when you thought that the fun that is offered by Tekek is about to end there comes something new which is relishing to all the golfers out there.

The Berjaya Resort offers a gold course that has 18 holes in it and even though it might seem small but the curves are worth it. The amazing island air and the tropical sunset call for a golfing trip at Berjaya resort for a more exhilarating experience.

Tekek village is no doubt one of the main tourist attractions in Tioman. There are plenty of facilities available in Tekek Tioman, from postal service to the hospital and from tour guides to various dive centers.

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Photo Credit: Adib Wahab

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