Tioman Nightlife - Things to do in Tioman Island at Night

Tioman Nightlife – Things to do in Tioman Island at Night

Tioman Island is primarily famous with the name of lonely planet because of its inbuilt peaceful nature and at night the atmosphere of such an island gets enhanced enormously. The Tioman nightlife might not be happening with the likes of Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, but it will certainly give a unique nightlife experience to the tourists with the activities such as sky gazing, camping & more.

Tioman Nightlife

There are various activities tourists can do at night to make most of the Tioman nightlife. The best things to do in Tioman at night are listed below:

Enjoy the Sunset View

Sunset view is considered to be a tempting spot to view while the sun sets here in Tioman Island. The desirable sunset can be viewed at the western part mainly when the night is just about to take its way. The distinct attribute of enjoying the sunset view is enhanced if you have a beer in hand and observe the charm of the sunset.

Sky Gazing

The Tioman Island Malaysia purposely gives the feeling of immense peace at night by observing the full moon surrounded with uncountable stars in the sky and the sound of sea shores in a windy atmosphere simultaneously enhances its beauty of being a lonely and peaceful Island of Malaysia.

Enjoy Karaoke

Performing games like Karaoke is one the best thing to do here at night in Tioman Island. The Karaoke pub located at Kampung Jetty is famous for performing Karaoke along with a drink that can be purchased for only ten Ringgits. Whereas, those who do not want to perform can only have their drinks with them and they might keep observing the stars in the sky.

Have a Relaxing Massage

There is no better way to relax yourself then having a massage. There are plenty of resorts in Tioman Island and massage is on the menu of almost every resort. Tioman’s Paya night massaging is also one of the special things to relax at night by taking various massage offers that are foot massage, head and shoulder massage, facial, body scrub as well. Some of the special massages are mainly:

The Paya Tioman Classic is a body massage with natural oils for 1 hour in RM118 Ringgits. Diver’s Divine is a special sports massage for the people before and after diving.

Tioman Cabana Beach Bar

Tioman Cabana Beach Bar is a wonderful place to have a glass of beer along the beach side. The construction of Cabana Beach Bar is made like a wooden hut and offering an affordable beer with a light background music. The special feature of this bar is that you have to enter the bar bare footed. This beach is mostly famous for its diving facilities as at night most of the people having beer keep chatting about diving on Cabana Beach.

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Visit Bar Ruma

Bar Ruma is the only bar that is located privately on the beach of Tioman Island. Visitors come here and enjoy their bars wearing their choice of dress in open area on surrounded by trees on a sandy path. It possesses a unique style of handmade materials, i.e. swinging picnic furniture with a handy art work. The employer and workers of Bar Ruma behave in a cordial way with its audiences and enjoy their nights in a chilly musical night.

Paya Beach Resort’s Bar

The Paya beach resort’s bar is also one of an ideal place to enjoy a bar night specifically. The main attractive features of this resort are that people mostly choose this resort for having an extremely enjoyable with their loved ones, i.e. honeymoon trip and tasting variety of beers in a bar on Paya Beach at night.

Festivity at Tioman’s Juara Beach Resort

Festivity at Tioman’s Juara Beach Resort is an ideal destination to enjoy a bonfire night as well as enjoy dancing under the moonlight with plenty of scrumptious sea food meals being offered here at a Juara Beach resort at dinner.

These are some of the Tioman nightlife activities highly recommended for tourists. If you want to share your experience or recommend an activity, please do so by adding comments below. We have also covered best things to do in Tioman Island in detail.

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