Visit the Best Bars & Cafes in Tioman Island

Tioman Island is known for not only its exciting activities, attractions and serene beauty, but it has also has so much more to offer its local visitors and tourists. People at large, from all over the world, come here to spend their vacations and return to their home with pleasing memories. Therefore, you shall find a number of bars and cafés in Tioman Island as well, which have been constructed to help tourists enjoy at the fullest and feel like home.

Overview of Bars and Cafés in Tioman Island

The bars and cafés in Tioman Island are generally renowned to have a night pleasure with scrumptious delights that has been enthusiastically experienced by numerous numbers of tourists visiting Tioman Island. These tourists visit Pulau Tioman for the purpose of spending leisure days and also enjoying the taste of a variety of drinks and refreshments being offered in the best bars and cafés of Tioman with a surrounding atmosphere filled by a light touch of mesmerizing music, dancing and much more pleasurable things to do here in the bars and enjoying delicious delights simultaneously.

Visiting these bars & cafes is also one of the recommended thing to do in Tioman Island at night as there are not much of night life in Tioman being an Island. Following are the best running bars & cafes located in the Island of Pulau Tioma, which we have jotted down for your assistance:

Four S Café

Four S Café is mainly located in the northern portion of Jetty in Kampong Salang of Pulau Tioman Island that predominantly eagers offer its services from evening till midnight timings in very affordable rates that is mostly around five to six Ringgits approximately. Thus, this café is by and large popular in delivering the best of night time enthralling entertainment to its customers.

Ella’s Place

Ellas’s Place is another spot of entertainment located in an identical destination of Kampong Salang in Pulau Tioman Island. It is a place where plenty of tourists spend awesome time in such a lodge like café that is primarily built for backpackers travelling to Tioman Island.

Address: Ella’s Place, Kampung Salang, 86800 Pulau Tioman, Pahang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 9-419 5004

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Hallo Café

Hallo Café is mainly a bar that is relatively popular in offering variety of drinks to its visitors at extremely affordable prices. There are special deals allocated by the bar owner for its repeating consumers. For instance, they have allocated happy hours where the clients are being offered special three bars at very low rates that is around twelve Ringgits approximately that is being delivered during specific timings that is from 5pm to 7pm only.

B&J Bar

B&J Bar can be traced in the location of ABC Kampong in Pulau Tioman Island. People enjoy having drinks at this bar because it is mainly constructed at the brink of an ocean where the weather is mostly windy that mainly impacts a splendid night by trying various tastes of drinks being offered here in a natural atmosphere specifically. This bar mainly yields an immensely romantic atmosphere to its visitors and this is the actual reason also for visiting this bar time and again. It is one of the top known bars and cafés in Tioman Island.

Address: Kampung Air Batang (ABC), 86800 Pulau Tioman, Pahang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 9-419 1218

Sunset Café

Sunset Café is similarly a tempting bar café as well as offering barbecue refreshments as an added advantage to its servings. It can be visited number of times for having special beers; located at Kampong Air Batang at the Nazri’s Place II in Pulau Tioman Island of Malaysian Peninsular.

Thus, this specific café is built in an open area that relatively showers an impact of tranquility due to its outdoor seating arrangements with a touch of natural music played by the sea waves implicitly. Therefore, the special offerings can be tasted on a breezy surroundings with a different taste of beers that can be enjoyed with numerous barbecued delights of pizzas in particular. Visit their Four Square page for more information.

Enjoy your vacations and eat out at one of the best places in Tioman Island, discussed above. For more ideas, you can explore best restaurants in Tioman Island as well.You shall for sure remember the class and taste throughout your lifetime. Don’t miss out to eat at one of the above cafés and bars, during your trip on this island.

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