best time to visit Tioman Island in Malaysia

Best Time to Visit Tioman Island in Malaysia

Pulau Tioman is an amazing paradise island located off the East Coast of Malaysia. The island is one of the tourist hubs in Malaysia which gains massive tourist influx from throughout the world. It has tropical weather and great white sandy beaches which provide the relaxing environment you need to calm your stressful nerves down. There are luxury resorts on the island and is covered in lush forests, clear crystal water and soft sand.

Best time to visit Tioman Island

Tioman Island has many places that can be visited, but like every place has its seasonal charm so has Tioman. Tioman being a tropical paradise is susceptible to monsoon rains which can cause massive high water tides.

There are seasons when the tropical paradise is blooming and is the ideal place to visit. Let us look at some of the seasons when Pulau Tioman is more fun to visit.

Excellent Visiting Season

The best time to visit Tioman Island is in the month of June and July. Spending the summer vacations with your loved one or family is best rewarding in this season. The climate is splendid with a lot of sun and a bit humid but nothing that cannot be tolerated.

The coast is warm and clear which offers an ideal environment for relaxation. Cheaper booking can be made in resorts and every resort on the island offers great staying deals during this time of the season. You can also book one of the Tioman Chalets which are facing the sea and provides an excellent view & facilities to guests.

May is also another great month when everything is blooming in Tioman Island and the tropical paradise is at its fullest. Bookings at resorts can be made as early as February.

August offers a splendid autumn in Pulau Tioman. Being a tropical area there is no actual Autumn but the gist is the same. Slowly sipping cocktails while the sun goes down in the water is the most perfect thing ever.

If you want to enjoy snorkeling and diving in Tioman Island, then these months are pretty awesome because the warm water has a lot of marine life roaming around. You can see a lot of exquisite and rare water creatures during these months.

Ferry rides are also very easily available in and out the Island during these months. You can also now book your ferry ticket to Tioman Island online by clicking here.

Moderately Good Visiting Season

There are seasons or months when the tourist influx is low and well a quiet vocation can be spent on the Island. September is the month when the island starts receiving less people because of the approaching monsoon season.

This gives a chance for people who like to surf and spend quiet time alone the perfect opportunity to do so. The tides are strong, making it perfect for some high tide surfing and less crowds.

The beaches will have less people and you can spend some time alone in the beautiful place. As monsoon approaches by the mid of September the tide level is unusually high and surfers love to experience the thrill of it.

Bookings are easily made in the month of September but keep in mind that this month is not fit for diving or snorkeling activities because most of the sea animals have gone under deep water by now due to the approaching cold weather.

Bad Seasons to Visit Tioman

As the monsoon approaches most resorts shut down and many ferry services to the island are also put on hold. Heavy rains are followed in the period from November to February. During this period, it is not possible to enjoy a vacation on Tioman Island particularly because of the high water currents and cold.

If you plan on spending any winter holiday in Pulau Tioman then reschedule your plan because during these months it is not advised to visit Tioman. Many boatmen will also decline and to catch a ferry is nearly impossible.

The heavy rainfall slows down during the month of February and the water level begins to calm down. You can plan a visit in March if necessary and make bookings at the few resorts that are open.

If you will keep in mind the best time to visit Tioman Island before your trip, then you will certainly make the most of your holiday vacation on the island. When you are planning a visit to Tioman? Do let us know and share your stories by adding comments below.

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24 thoughts on “Best Time to Visit Tioman Island in Malaysia

      • Hi, Thanks for this nice description of the best time to visit Tioman island.
        What is the average temperature mid-end of February? Is it planned to have a longer/shorter mousson season this year?
        Thanks a lot for your feedback!

        • The temperature is fine around mid-end of Feb. The Monsoon season is predicted to be longer so you can avoid visiting in the wettest months.

  1. I only found out about Tioman Island on a Tuesday. Then on the Friday I quit my job and booked my holiday (5 weeks in total) to this immaculate paradise.

    I am staying in July and August and cannot wait to adventure, unwind, and indulge during my stay. Is there anyone from the Island I could speak to about inquiring about activities during my stay?

    • Hi Chris,

      Glad to hear that and hopefully you can share your experience about Tioman Island. I can hook you up with one guy who is local and running a scuba diving school in Tioman. He might be of some help for you. When are you planning your trip to Tioman Island?


  2. Hey Habib,

    Thank you so much. I’ll be there from the 17th July – 20 August. Can’t wait!



  3. My Daughter is going on a diving course in Tioman in mid October. Is it ok to go? Do you have a recommendation on where to stay in Salang Beach?

  4. Hi admin,
    We are group of 4 people will visit Tioman in 24th of Nov 2016. I am really appreciate if you can tell us how the weather is at that time. we plan to catch ferry to tioman at early morning and back mersing before 4pm same day. Is it ok for us?
    Hope to see ur response

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