Pulau Tioman Island Airport

Pulau Tioman Airport – A guide to the only airport in Tioman

Pulau Tioman Airport is the only airport in the island and like other islands airport in the world, it is a small airport with the limited landing space.

Tioman is a small Island which is still under development under the Malaysian government and only has one small airport (Tioman Airport) that caters to both international and domestic flights.

Berjaya Air has suspended it’s flight operation to Tioman Island with effect from 1st March, 2014 until further notice. As Berjaya Air was the online airline with flights to Tioman, the only way to get to Tioman Island at the moment is to catch a ferry ride.

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There are many ways tourists can get to Tioman Island. We have already covered all the possible ways for a tourist to get to the island of Tioman. Air travel is one of the ways tourists can go to Tioman Island in less time as compared to ferry and bus rides, but is a bit more costly as well. Air travel also involves booking of flights days ahead considering the fact that not many carriers fly to the island.

Pulau Tioman Airport

Pulau Tioman Airport is located near the vicinity of Tekek village in Tioman that is the only operating air service in all regions. The airport is small and the flights that arrive here are limited. There are not any international flights that come here, but usually the ones that arrive are connecting flights from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Berjaya Air is the most commonly used aircraft carriers that go to Tioman island.

Berjaya Air in Tioman

The flight schedule of Berjaya Air is that it flies once daily from Kuala Lumpur and from Singapore as well, but the flight schedule is susceptible to change during peak tourist season and may be halted all together during the monsoon season.

There are seasons where two flights may carry passengers once a day, but that usually depends on the tourist rush times and how many passengers are left behind.

Flight timing & Cost

The estimated time of arrival in Tioman Island is usually an hour from Kuala Lumpur and half an hour from Singapore (excluding boarding). The increase in time from Kuala Lumpur can be owed to the fact that the aircraft has to avoid two mountains on its way. Average air ticket prices may range from RM 200 to RM 300 but if tickets are booked in advance then it is usually low. The ticket prices are subject to change during the seasons.

Luggage capacity

The maximum luggage capacity of each individual is 10kg and the flights usually charge extra if the luggage is over-weight. The airports are small and mostly crowded so it is advised to pack books or magazines for you to read in case of delays.

Flight Delays

Delays are common in air travel as well, which depend on prevailing weather conditions and water conditions. During the monsoon season the flights to Tioman are usually low because the weather conditions deteriorate and other times the water current levels. Booking your tickets a week ahead is the best thing to do because that gives you room to plan and execute the entire trip and also if there are any delays you would be informed by the airline in a timely manner.

In case of long delays in flights, the passengers get accommodation and meals at the airport as well.


You can get a connecting flight to either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur and then fly off to Tioman Island. This is the most common route used by travelers to get to Tioman Island and is efficient and comfortable as compare to ferry & bus rides which involves long hours of ride.

It is recommended to book your ticket in advance and adhere to rules and regulations of the airline.

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